Dirty Snow Icon Textures

(My apologies that this set is slightly later than I intended, due to technical difficulties.)

Given all the blizzardy goings-on north of me, I figured this set would be appropriate right now. ;) Here are twelve grungy black-and-white icon textures in a rather whimsical, wintry pattern. (TIP: you can also turn them into white-on-black masks by applying a negative-image colorization.)

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FMA Ed Coat

Autumn Bonfires Texture Set

A large texture set this month, based on the theme of autumn leaves, with some Asian/bonsai influences as well. Includes forty-eight icon textures and one large texture.

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I might also mention that I have something a little bit special lined up for next month. Over the three December weekends before Christmas, I will be posting a series of three texture sets inspired by the Magi. Stay tuned!